Apple launches, new TV remote app for iphone

Apple Tv remote app

You can put down that awkward Siri remote. Apple just to start a new way to navigate around Apple TV.

Flagged at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference(AWDC) in June, the Apple TV Remote app is one of a suite of recent products designed to improve the user friendly experience of Apple TV. Released this Monday, the app, which does everything the Siri remote can do, lets you select programs and play games from your iPhone.

Simplifying text entry, the Apple TV Remote app helpfully allows you to enter show names, username and passwords with your phone's keyboard. It also employs game mode to make use of the smartphone's accelerometer and gyroscope, and lets you ask Siri to help you track down new TV shows.

Free for users to download , your phone will need to be using at least iOS 9.3.2.

Consider this a chance of advancement to get rid of one more gadget in your life.

image apple app         Image apple app

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