Bad News Trainers: Pokemon Go plus wristband will reach in September, not July,

Pokemon Go plus wristband


Nintendo says: The Pokémon Go Plus accompanying — a wristband that will awake you to the presence of the little annoying creatures, among other things — will be out two months later than originally announced, the company said in a tweet on twitter.

While Nintendo pointed out that the original launch was planned for the "end of July 2016," it did not specify what time in September,2016 the device will be launched.

This is possibly, why Nintendo recently made clear that the financial impact of Pokémon Go's exceptional success will be limited: It doesn't make the game, it only partially owns the intellectual property rights(IPR’s) for the Pokémon franchise, and the only real Pokémon Go-related product it's making will come noticeable later than expected. Nintendo's stock price drop or fall after Monday's announcement. And it's stayed at roughly the same value since then.

Pokémon Go has been overwhelming the top apps charts since its release in early July, but interest in the game has delicately waned from the first couple of days. The ideal time for the launch of Pokémon Go Plus would have been 3 weeks ago. Nintendo now has no choice but to expectation a September launch doesn't prove to be too late.

Pokémon Go Plus is a bracelet or wristband that connects with your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you to nearby Pokémon and PokéStops, hopefully saving your phone's battery.It helps trainers to encounter pokemons  accurate on target and faster than before.  Even better, if you've caught a Pokémon before, you'll be able to catch it again by simply pressing the button on the wristband instead of throwing a virtual Pokéballs at it on your phone every time.

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