The First 7.0 Android Nougat phone by LG

Samsung's releasing a new and upgraded version Galaxy Note 7 later this month, the new iPhones are coming next month and now LG's announced it'll also reveal a new phone in early September 6,2016.

The LG V20, which the company poorly announced — but didn't show — early last week, will debut in San Francisco on Sept. 6.

The invite  doesn't revelation anything juicy. We've got a "Play More" title and "The another story begins."

The first part could be advert to LG's "Friends" modules, which headlined the company's G5. But it seems unlikely the V20 will also be a modular phone, bizarre things have happened. It could also just be teasing the phone's beefed up entertainment features.

The another part is a little more mystified. On the overside, the V20 is, of course, the second version of the V10, but it could also be instructing at a second screen or second selfie camera, two things that made the V10 different from other phones.

LG's G5 has two rear cameras. I wouldn't bet against that appearing on the V20. I liked the two-camera system a lot when I reviewed the phone.

The lunatic part of the announcement date might be the fact it could come one day before Apple reveals its new iPhones.

Evan Blass tweeted in twitter that he has confirmed before they are are available of the new iPhones will begin on Sept. 9 with deliveries on Sept. 12.

Apple could announce them on Sept. 7, as Daring Fireball's John Gruber postulate.

Not to de-emphasize the V20 and what it could bring — it will be the first Android phone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat, after all — but announcing a new product right when new iPhones are rolled out is practically suicide.

All the best LG!

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