Google Launch a New Platform Called Springboard an AL-Powered Assistant For Enterprise Solution

Google has come up witha two new significant announcement for it's enterprise customers,the most important of them is Springboard, a New assistant to a digital world to help a enterprise companies you can call up as a New Digital Assistant.A digital assistant launch by a google is to help enterprise & companies that use the google and its services for their bussiness

Google has started Springboard which is been testing with a small set of customers you can say a part of google team is testing How it would work and how it would work for enterprises & it's offers a single search interface which utilizes artificial intelligence to surface information within a user's suite of google products like gmail,google drive,calender ,google docs & more

Mr Prabhakar Raghvan V.P of Engineering For Google Apps, say "The Averge Knowledge Worker(Currently) Spends the Equivalent Days Or Full day a Week In Searching and Gathering Information.

Springboard also provides user the useful and actionable information and recommendation to user throughout their workday. so it would be more helpful for the user to gather information. Although it's a new project & new design for a google sites a product that acts like an information portal beyond it's search engine. this information portal acts for In-house internal company information and it's quarterly reports or it's newsletters.

So when  designing a google site,user have to drag & drop editing and real time collabration and all creation features that have come up with standards in other services like google sheets & google docs.finally with a new change google sites has been revamped so that the content fits to any kind of screen be Laptop,Tab or Smartphone or big monitors.

These changes made by google in such a way to early adopter program that the existing users to google apps to get engage and join the google springboard program.while the search giant google has tested that it has a lot more in store for it's both sevices google apps for work and google springboard

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