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Do You Know About New Update On Google Maps..!

Few weeks ago google had launch a new feature updates on google maps. google maps helps users in traveling and also to find out location or city or area n the direction how to get there..! it has highest users recently a new update by google makes google maps more enhanced n user friendly.

So what is the new feature in google maps...?

Offline Map Mode :

This is a cool feature which is been added by google for user to use their maps offline but you must know how to use it....!

Previously when we use to use google maps we need a constant data connection to use it but now with a new update you can download the maps offline. all you have to do is you need to slect an area you will be visiting and download all the map data you need to navigate the region which includes all things like gas station,POIs,parking,garages,petrol station etc.

So How To Use This Feature ?? simply search the address or the area you are going to visit and then open the menu at bottom of app then directly Tap Download make sure you Scale The Map so that the full region would be in view then tap Download again,give a name to it and Tap Save.

Driving Mode :

Its another new and great feature by google maps. it will predict your destination before you even ask for directions. google uses what it knows about you to Predict where you are going before you even ask for directions. it can also be used without putting google maps in navigation mode. it will give you necessary Information about TrafficInfo,Signals,Route info.

Popular Near By :

This feature you would really like it..! its a new feature added by google maps on android,web ads and shows a bussiness listings called "popular times". in this feature you will see a store or restaurant which is mostly crowded and when its most likely to be empty based on historic will show you timings of restaurant and also the day it is closed and you will also get number so you can book a table for you favorite lunch or dinner,isn't it sounds interesting...!

With this cool feature you can also see the places which are polpular and time to visit the place and also some part of information as a Timeline Post. you will also get number to get in touch for information.

Find a Bathroom :

This is something new but it is true as shown in tv can also see Restrooms in google maps and where it is located.

Sending Direction TO Your Phone :

It is a new feature which works as a notification pop up on ur android or ios using this feature you are ready to navigate as you are sign in with google.

See Traffic Signals And Status :

Whenever you travel you hit a traffic in the same place you commute each and everyday. do you think you can avoid this??.. and google says YES google maps desktop site is here to help you, what you have to do is search a route and then click the three line Icon from the search box and den select the traffic. At the bottom of the screen you can see the small box which appears in you screen.a small box which appear click the drop down menu next " Live Traffic" and change it to typical traffic. then adjust the slider according to time of day and choose to the time and the day and see what traffic will typically look like at that hour.

Suggested Edits :

Google maps will now give user to edit the area or loaction if he din't feel its correct by word or by format.this features will allow user to help google maps to collect all the correct information about the different places,city,area around the world. it will be shown as Someone Suggested this, Google suggested this and Tap To Correct if you know right.

I hope you find this information useful and try to use a new and cool feature of Google Maps.




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