Live TV has another home on Fire TV

"Alexa, tune to HBO Family."

We've all been there, the limitless parchment. Looking around with no thought what to watch. Uplifting news for the hesitant people in the room, with the new On Now column and Channel Guide on Fire TV, it's less demanding than at any other time to observe Live TV with Amazon Channels.

Amazon Channels is the Prime advantage that gives Prime individuals a chance to buy into more than 100 stations, with no link required, no applications to download, and can scratch off whenever. Most motion pictures and TV indicates incorporated into your memberships are accessible to watch on request. A few channels likewise highlight Watch Live, which gives you the alternative to live stream programming on upheld gadgets a similar time that it's communicated on TV. That implies you'll have the capacity to watch and live tweet Westworld when every other person is viewing.

On Now ✨

Live TV has another home on Fire TV - Socialoutwork

Here at Fire TV, we need to make it extremely simple to find the live programming accessible to you. In case you're agreed to accept HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, or Cinemax through Amazon Channels, you will see another column on your landing page approached Now. That line will demonstrate to all of you of the programming that is live at this point.

On Later ⏰

Live TV has another home on Fire TV - Socialoutwork

Notwithstanding this helpful dandy column, you will likewise be able to investigate the future 🔮. In case you're interested what's on later today or coming up in the following two weeks, you can utilize the new Channel Guide to peruse the whole timetable. To dispatch the Guide, just press the Options catch (resembles a ground sirloin sandwich) on the Alexa Voice Remote while observing Live TV and see your channels and all the future programming data. Remember to ️favorite ⭐️ your best channels with the goal that they appear first in your Guide. Coming up this end of the week, SHOWTIME Showcase will air Death Becomes Her and St. Elmo's Fire; who needs end of the week designs when two of the best motion pictures are on?!

Just say — "Alexa, watch HBO." 🗣️

In the event that you definitely comprehend what channel you need to watch — simply press the receiver catch on your Alexa Voice Remote, or address your associated Echo gadget, and say "Alexa, watch ___". The Live channel will quickly tune on order.

Here a couple of voice charges to attempt:

"Alexa, watch HBO."

"Alexa, tune to HBO Family."

"Alexa, go to Cinemax."

"Alexa, go to SHOWTIME."

"Alexa, watch STARZ."

"Alexa, go to the Channel Guide."

As usual, you can approach Alexa to scan for appears, motion pictures, performers, sorts and that's just the beginning. In the event that you look for a show or motion picture that happens to air live, the direct will show up in the indexed lists.

The new Live TV encounter is right now accessible with memberships offered through Amazon Channels (HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax) and we will include more diverts sooner rather than later. Begin your free trial with these channels today, to begin with, a Live TV on your Fire TV. This usefulness is just accessible in the event that you have an HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, or Cinemax membership however Amazon Channels. In the event that you get to content from these suppliers through another strategy, you won't see an On Now push or the Channel Guide on your Fire TV.

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