What’s New in Instagram??


Instagram is readying himself for update with new features towards the users for illegal or inappropriate content in their comment feeds.According to Washington post, Instagram will soon come out with this new feature update. Users can also opt not to allow the comments to the post at all.

In a statement to The Post, Instagram’s public policy head, Nicky Jackson Colaco, had told this :

Theirs goals is to make Instagram user friendly, fun and entertaining, and safe place for user expression. We have slowly about to begun the offer accounts with high volume comment threads the option to moderate their comment experience. As we learned, we are looking forward to improving the comment experience for our broader community.

It sounds like Instagram will be blackout the comment filtering to high-profile (Special Category: celebrity) accounts first and then it will roll out to other accounts in the coming months.

Instagram’s approach to helping users deal with harassers or disturbers is noticeably different than how other social networks – namely Twitter – deal with the user's problem.

On Twitter, users can make their accounts private and block and report users, but there isn’t a way for all users to filter offensive or illegal content from showing up on their feeds. Verified users can turn on a “quality filter” section in Twitter’s app that will try to limit offensive or abusive language, but as celebrities such as Leslie Jones have seen, that only works so well.

Good News is that,Now if only Instagram could create a spam filter too.

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